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National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders (NIDCD)

Aphasia information including causes, diagnosis, treatment, and research. Association addresses, and other contact information are listed.


Academy of Aphasia
National Aphasia Association (NAA)
Support groups, associations and State Representatives. Pen Pal program.


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
Brief summary on Aphasia and Expressive/Receptive language. The following content largely focuses on speech assessment (pathology). Not sign language specific, but related. Treatment listing is applicable to ASL users.




American Stroke Association
Warning signs, About Stroke, Stroke Care, programs, encyclopedia, news and publications/resources. Free one-year subscription to a full-featured magazine.


Online support and information, including statistics. Content targets stroke survivors, stroke caregivers and health professionals. Book and video online store. Features articles and newsletter. Stroke survivor section is its own site as well as a separate site for stroke caregivers.


Brain Attack Coalition
Guidelines and links for patients and health professionals.


Caregivers' Handbook
Checklist, list of needs, types of help available.


Internet Stroke Center
For patients, families and health professionals. Types of strokes, stroke symptoms, warning signs, and risk factors are listed. Stroke statistics, how stroke is diagnosed and treated. Living with stroke and information for caregivers. Illustrated Guide to Understanding Stroke.


Deaf Stroke Project (British)
Deaf-friendly, graphical.


Understanding The Brain


Whole Brain Atlas
Advanced Brain Information. Structure, function, and anatomy. Slide shows with descriptions and scans showing actual stroke in the brain.


Neurosciences for Kids
Easy to understand, fun and interactive videos. Brain basics, neurons, spinal and sensory systems.




Disability Resources

Directory of State disability organizations and agencies.


Recommended books for caregivers of people with aphasia:


The Aphasia Handbook, Complied by and available through the National Aphasia Association


Return to Ithaca, By Barbara Newborn Rockport


My Stroke of Insight: A brain Scientist's Personal Journey, by Jill Bolte Taylor


A Stroke of Genius: Messages of Hope and Healing from a Thriving Stroke Survivor, by Sandy Simon


By His Side, by Eileen Steets Quann


My Stroke of Luck, by Kirk Douglas


I had Brain Sugery, What's Your Excuse, by Suzy Becker


Aphasia Inside Out: Reflections on Communication Disability, edited by Susie Parr, Judy Duchan and Carole Pound


National Aphasia Association



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